Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Friday, July 10, 2009


I am very disappointed in Friendlys. I might even go as far as saying I am super disappointed with Friendlys...and I don't like saying super. That's how disappointed I was.

I freaking love Friendlys. It's a comfort. You walk in and they always look the same. They always have really shitty service from waitresses who don't give a fuck. And I can always get my clamboat basket with french fries (Friendly's version of vegetable of the day) and coleslaw and then get a reeses pieces sundae for dessert.

Last night, LG and I walked in and we were greeted with a smile. First of all, what's up with that? People don't greet you with a smile at Friendlys. Next, we were seated quickly. Excuse me? Then we sat down and the server asked if we were familiar with the menu? Huh? Yeah, I am familiar with the menu. I want the clamboat basket. Then, the waitress walked by with a smile and said she would be right with us. Then, the manager came by and asked if we had been helped. This was just all out of control. She said she could take our order so I ordered the clamboat basket. And she said, "we are all out of clams." (Insert look of sad desperation). I didn't know what else to do. So, I decided on the turkey club sandwich. Needless to say, it was gross. I didn't even want ice cream. Then the waitress asked if everything was ok. I was done.

I wanted bad service, a clamboat basket and an ice cream. I then wanted to wait 30 minutes for my bill.