Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have decided that this year I am going to record Oprah every day because this is her last year on the air and I figure the stories are going to be really good.  Last week I was watching an episode with Pam Smart and with every commercial Oprah kept telling us about this family that was the bravest family she has ever met (AND they were WHITE!) and how they had a miracle we just had to stay tuned for.  So I waited and waited all weekend to watch it and last night I watched it.  It was about a family who lost all three children in a car accident. I waited 30 minutes for the miracle, which I guessed because lets be honest, anyone could have guessed the miracle.  They had triplets a year after the accident.  What got my blood pumping though was not Oprah shedding tears, or her bringing it back to herself and how this story eventually was really just about her.  What got my blood pumping was at the end we find out that the family had over $291,000 in legal fees and Oprah shakes their hands and says, "Thank you for sharing your story."  AND DOESN'T GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!  In what planet does this make sense?  Pay their billls Oprah. For the love of God.  One of your shoes and one of your diamond earrings would have covered this! 


So it's been awhile since I've blogged.  I've also been annoyed and stressed and my back has shooting pains running through it down my leg and I just spend $300 for a chiro to take xrays and tell me that I've been misaligned for over 25 years.  I can't even begin to explain the irony of that one.  Then he did a quick pop and that cost $25 and I still have shooting pains down my spine.  I could have had 4 massages at this point for what I just spent for that!  Now I have to go back two more times this week and if my back doesn't feel better by Friday, I'm going to lose it. How many times am I supposed to pay $25 for him to pop me for two seconds?  I could have had MASSAGES.  I get so bent out of shape when I am stressed...literally!  I'm bent out of shape.