Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Are pretty people happy or are happy people pretty?

This is a question I ask myself often.  It's usually during a time when I am down on myself for something and I decide that this would be the best and most appropriate occasion to compare myself to others.

I am not talking about celebrities here.  Of course they are pretty and of course they are happy.  And don't tell me that they all have their own problems too because I obviously know that but at the same time, they can afford to go to a 8 day, 7 night hydro-colon cleanse spa in Palm Springs and I can't.  So they don't count.

I'm talking about the people I know that just seem to have it all together and at the same time, just look good.  I have three people that I am thinking of right now in mind.  These three people come from different backgrounds and have different situations (although two of them have the same job).  These three people are just beautiful in my mind.  They have great skin, great hair, great eyes, great bodies and more than anything, they just seem happy.  And I've met these people in person.  Honestly, they are happy.  Like, seriously, happy.  (Sidenote:  I often like to go on these three people's Facebook page when I'm down as well and each time I do I tell myself "I'm deleting my page!" but then they post one thing that happened that kind of sucks and then I can feel better again.).

So my question is:  Are these three people happy and healthy because they are pretty and always look good or do these people look so pretty and healthy because they are happy?

I think I am attractive but I am by NO MEANS together in any sense of the word.  I drop food on my chest daily, my hair is often a mess, my glasses are smudged with grease (and for some reason I can never take the time to clean them) and I always just have this overwhelming feeling that something about myself is amiss.

That being said, when things are going well and something happens that makes me feel good about myself, I feel prettier and I think I show the world that.  When I am feeling down, I think I look less pretty and just assume everyone else does too.  But, when I take a picture and I know I look good, then that also makes me happy so in turn I feel better and want to do things that make me happy.

So if I just changed my thought process and worked to look good all the time with my eating and yoga and hair products and eye liner and clothes, would that in turn, make me happier?  Or could I just do those things anyway, be happy and then in turn be pretty?

It's so confusing.  I'm going to go eat a Lindt truffle, drop some of the chocolate inside on my white sweater and get back to you on this.