Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tufts Shit

I work for a not for my profit organization that helps people with mental illness.  This same company offers really expensive insurance plans through Tufts with extermely high co pays.  Therefore, when I go to a therapist, it costs me $25 for 45 minutes and the entire time I'm complaning about my job. (And friends who think it's okay to date my ex girlfriends). 

I have also joined an 8 week support group for women who hate their jobs so each week I'll spend an additional $25 to listen to other women bitch about how much they hate their jobs.  I'll try it out but if I wanted to do this for free, I could probably just join a book club or something that straight women like to do.  And speaking of that, lesbian women never join straight clubs.  They always have to join gay clubs.  Once I had a friend tell me she wanted to join a bowling league (gay one) and a pool league (gay one).  And I digress...I'll save that for my $25 session.

Then I'll go to my other therapist which my insurance doesn't cover and pay $50 for 30 minutes explaining why I need to take drugs just so I can go into work and not cry.  Then I'll spend $50 a month for those drugs because my tufts insurance thinks these said drugs are Grey Goose of medicine. 

So, basically I spend about $400-$500 a month to take care of my mental issues.  Therefore, I need to keep the job that is making me mental just so I can afford to survive on a job that is making me mental.

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