Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Is there a reason that Dr. Oz wears scrubs on the Oprah show?  There was a whole show today dedicated to the obvious things that we can do to make ourselves beautiful and the low-cost CVS purchases that we can use to do this.  

Oprah decided that Dr. Oz was the best person to describe to these women what it takes to be beautiful.  But my main question is why the hell does he need to wear scrubs to do this.  I could have sworn he was hard for half the show too.  Toe fungus, frizzy hair and acne doesn't do it for me but I guess it does for Dr. Oz.

Also, my favorite quote of the show was when Dr. Oz was talking about women's eye bags and he said something to this effect, "woman care more about the bags under your eyes than the men who love and care about you."  uhhhh....why can't I go on Oprah and say that for $10 million a year?

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