Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, November 17, 2008

Seriously...The Color Purple was like a hundred years ago.

I was watching Oprah's special today on the World's "Smartest and Most Talented Kids Around the World".  First, no matter what the show is about, Oprah always finds a way to quote the Color Purple or in some way tell the world that she was in the color purple.  It just doesn't matter what the show is about.

Anyway, every time Oprah does this special, she has the same annoying kids on.  The one who can breakdance, the one who can name all the presidents, the one who can bend her tiny body backwards, the one who can hulahoop, the one who can tap dance.  And can I just say....when you go to Debbie Allen's school of dance, you are not an "average" kid.  

Also, the one who can play the violin, the one who can sing, and lets not forget the one who can yodel.  Yes, that's right...the one who always has to come on with a red ruffled shirt, pigtails with red bows and yodel.  

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