Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reasons I know it's time to fly across the country

I like Seattle.  I like to call it my "second city". Mostly, because it sounds cool to have a "second city" but also because when I go there, I know how to get around and I've been about 10 times now that I feel like I know the city pretty well and I have a favorite noodle place so really there isn't much more to life than that. 

Whenever I start to feel a little down in life (I take a pill).  No seriously, whenever I start to feel a little down in life and I manage to not curl up in my bed crying over my wasted life, I seem to book a trip out west.  It's the furthest away from where I can go in America so I always feel that must mean I am doing something special.  Last year, I flew across the country three times in 2 months.  This year, I already have a Seattle/Vancouver trip booked and Hawaii is in May.  And I might fly out to California or Vegas later in the spring but that is not decided yet.  I also want to go to Sedona and just sit by myself in a spa for a few days and hike around the beauty but I always say that and don't actually do it.

Morale of this blog, is I know I am ready for a cross country trip when I do a few things.  Below are these such things:

1.  Start touching my hair non stop at work.
2.  Take out the scissors and start cutting the split ends of my hair at work.
3.  Stop even trying to look nice when I go into work.
3. Wear the same exact pants three days in a row at work.
4.  Stop obsessing about the Oscars for a few days and tell myself, "I can skip that movie"
5.  Start thinking about what I should have studied in college so I would have a great job and make a lot of money by now and understand things like IRAs and stock options and feel like an adult.
6.  Obsess about getting a new comforter because I've had mine for seven years. 

I've done all 6 of these things.  Good thing I'm flying out next week.

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