Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My dream

I took a nap today. From 2:00-4:30. It is impossible for me to take naps for less than this amount of time. I am also getting over a cold and I have a wicked case of PMS ( tits hurt so much I could scream and all I can think about is getting a boob reduction). dream.

I was on a boat. I was going somewhere warm for the day. I had to take my brown boots off. When I got to the destination, I had to put my boots back on. The water was really warm and blue. One of the boots fell in the water and I couldn't reach. These two people sitting behind me said, "oh...that's too bad." You know, the way people say things when something bad happens to you and not them because people love when other people are in misery so they can say things like, "figures."

Anyway, I couldn't reach the boot. Then, this boat came by and the boot ended up going further in the ocean. I told the guy in the boat to chase after it for me, which he did and he brought it back to me. But then I couldn't get the boot back on. Then I walked inside and went to the desk to find out what time the last boat was going to depart and she said, "2:30" which didn't work because it was already noon and that didn't make sense.

I finally got the boot back on. But then I wanted privacy but everywhere I went, people kept coming and sitting by me. All I wanted to do was text something to someone but I couldn't. It was so frustrating in my dream because I wanted to text my boot story in my dream to my friend but I couldn't and I could feel myself getting frustrated.

Then, I walked somewhere else and my boot fell into a swimming pool and I had to jump in and get my boot again. Then, I tried to text that, too but I couldn't text.

Then I woke up.

So, not sure what that dream was all about.

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