Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


What is with all the television commericals with people dressed up like food!? Really?  It started years ago with Fruit of the Loom underwear and the guys dressed up like fruit.  Now, I suppose years ago that was creative and it was before the whole "it's cool to be gay" stuff came out in movies and tv and commericals.  But they have just taken this to a whole new level of ridiculous.

Now, we have Jimmy Dean dressed like a sun, and thunder and lightning and a raindrop.  We have a child dressed up like Manwhich sandwich.  We have fathers and sons dressed up like Burker King whoppers.

Is it just me or do seeing all these people dressed up just make you NOT want to eat this food. 

Unless someone was dressed up like my mother's brisket, an alaskian king crab claw or plate of pad thai (three of my favorite foods), seriously, I don't want to see this anymore.

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