Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I wear leather shoes to Whole Foods: Going Vegan Day 2

Gas is getting more expensive by the day.  Fortunately for me, this vegan diet is giving me a lot of it for free!!!  All I have to say is thank god I have an office with a door and I live alone!

Last night, I made my first vegan dinner. I made polenta, and some meatless dinner and some quinoa and it was delish-"ish". Af first I had to question this meal.  I mean come on!  I was the one making fun of vegans just a few weeks ago.  But don't you worry all you vegan haters, this vegan still throws her glass bottles in the trash.

By 10pm though I was starving and I had to will my body to not eat anything. I had to tell myself I wasn't really hungry.

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