Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

F- Hired

Why is it that when non profits or any company for that matter hire an administrative assistant, they don't do a test to make sure said admin knows how to use excel beforehand.  Lately, everytime someone has a question on how to use excel or make labels, they call me and ask me to do it.  I am not the admin assistant.  What exactly are they doing all day long if they don't know how to use word and excel????? I'm serious.  Before you hire someone, you should:
A.  Make sure they know how to spell their name.
B.  Make sure they know how to put pants on.
C.  Make sure they know how to use the most BASIC functions of a computer that you need to do to be an admin so they don't say, "Laura...can you do it?  We don't know how."

I am going to snap.  The next time someone says that to me I'm going to scream "figure it out you moron!".  Then I will be fired and they will have to hire someone in my place who pay a contractor a shit ton of money to do what I do because NOBODY seems to know how. 

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