Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hollywood Sex

So you are probably thinking to yourself, "self....what would Laura's dream Hollywood bedroom scenario be?" So, here it is.

I would like Laura Linney to take me out to dinner and drink lots of red wine with me. We can talk about traveling. Then I would like to go out dancing with Julianne Moore. I would hope she would wear something strapless to show off her freckles. We would dance until about 2am while drinking shots of Patron.

Later in the evening, Laura would show up after she finished up some lecture on articulation of political reality & a comparison of the present with the past and she would meet up with Julianne and I.

Then, as we were all making out on the dancefloor, Joaquin Phoenix would come up and just start rubbing his hands all over my body and tell me that he had been looking at me all night and I would take the cigarette from his hand and throw it on the ground and start grinding him.

On the way out, American History X Edward Norton would be standing at the door with Blue Crush Michelle Rodriquez and they would decide to come back to my place as well.

Excuse me. I have to go now.

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Whitey said...

I kinda figured you'd have more famous people in this fantasy.