Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out with the old!

That's what a friend said to me yesterday via text. Actually, it was more like, "Urgh! Out with the Old!!" when I told her about my ex. And she is so right.

2009 is the year to throw out all the things that have been bad for me. And when I say throw them out, I don't mean put them in the basement just in case there is a chance one day that I might want to see them. I do save things that are important and that I feel will one day do me good or make me lots of money. Aka: my memory boxes. Those I keep.

Looking around right now, I can see a bunch of things I don't need to keep anymore. The Trader Joe dark chocolates my boss got me last year when I was stressed at work. I don't eat dark chocolate. Out with the chocolate. And out with her.

I also told myself that starting this year, I wouldn't open something until I am ready to deal with it. That is why I have a pile of unopened envelopes sitting around my place. If only I could tell my mouth to do the same. Still working on that.

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