Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kind of

Okay. I've been kind of negative and angry the past couple of days. And everyone including the bowl of cereal I am eating right now, is kind of over it. And trust me so am I. Therefore, I am now officially back to being funny and I am looking forward to a few things. Tonight, Ben is a Bastard night. Tomorrow, Kovie. I usually do Phovie...Pho and a movie, but I am going to Koreana so this wednesday it is Kovie. And Thursday, freaking sushi. I will get back to you on how that one goes. Also, Golden Globes are on Sunday. I wish you could hear me actually say that out loud. It would sound something like this. "Goolllden Gllloobeesss are on Sunnndaayyyyy!!!!"

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Whitey said...

Well since you made it "official" and all, it must be true.