Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, August 17, 2009


I think I might have the solution to crime in America. I think every human. At least every human with half a brain. So, ok....25% of the humans in America should be allowed to carry a taser gun and be given 5 chances a month to use them on who ever they like. No questions asked. For example, if somebody at work annoys you and asks you to join them in singing happy birthday for their boss...taser. If the person behind you beeps at you for no apparent reason, step out of your car and taser them. If the person behind you at the movie theatre is eating her popcorn too loud, taser her. Or, if somebody does nothing at all, taser them.

I think this would allow people to get out their aggression without really hurting anyone too bad. You don't really physically hurt them for long and really you aren't hurting their feelings.

This is a perfect solution. Think about it.

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brookie said...

Laura, I love it! Your honesty makes me smile. I'm so glad I wasn't the girl eating my popcorn too loudly behind you at the theater.... unless you were in Ohio lately. :) Taser.