Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catch me on a good second

I live with extreme highs and lows. Not bipolar extremes.....more like life extremes. I can go from annoyed to laughing my ass off within a two minute period. Oh wait...I am getting my period soon...must be it. Except, I am always like that! God damn son of a bitch! That's awesome...

Thank god I have a sense of humor to get through the maze of myself. Yesterday, I was walking to my car from work and I was thinking, "urgh. this place. urgh. these people" and then I saw someone from work and he looked sad and I was like, "awww....poor guy. I wish I could make him feel better."

It's a constant battle between my sarcastic wise-ass can't stand the world side and my unbelievable empathetic, caring and want to help the world side.

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