Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Macy's Confuses me Sexually

While I know I am a lesbian, there are still times when I have to question this. One such time is when I go to a department store, such as Macy's. That happened this evening. I walked into Macy's to buy a new black trench raincoat. I need something to wear when I dress up. I know that it is getting cold but I have enough pea coats and fleeces and ski jackets (although I don't ski) so I wanted a nice trench coat.

I walk in and the first thing I see is INC brand it is so pretty and girlie and I love it. Sparkles. I thought to myself..."I could wear this sequined shirt and black pants with heels for sure!".

Then I started walking towards the escalator looking for the coat section and I got to look in the mirror the whole way up. "Hello gorgeous". On the second floor were the coats and also the men's section. I walked through the men's section and found myself eyeing the shoes. Then I walked by a man-aquin...and I got turned on by his sexy hat and outfit. And I thought, "I could totally date a guy who dressed like that."

Then I passed by the outdoor men's section and started looking at the fleece coats and stopped myself because I wanted a trench. I found the trenches and the woman had to help me put the belt on because I couldn't figure it out.

I picked out a coat and paid for it and put it on right there in the store to walk out with it. On my way out, I passed the women's shoe department and looked at chucks! Then I found a Fossil red leather purse I wanted and cashmere gloves.

My gay man/straight woman/gay woman personalities all clashed! I had to get the hell out of there! With a fabulous black trench coat with my belt tied in a knot.

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