Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Live

So I randomly opened up an article on a magazine on my desk. The magazine is titled BP. Bipolar. Why, do you ask, do I have this magazine on my desk. Because of where I work obviously. I am trying to find movies for the film festival I am planning and Mariska Hargitay is on the cover. And she is hot.

Anyway, I opened to an article titled, "Discovering a NEW approach to RELAXATION" and it is exactly what I think about. I will quote it..

"I used to feel a bit of a failure when I couldn't just sit down and find the relaxing experience so many people were raving about. Then I understand my problem-relaxation techniques tend to be very subjective and have one thing in common: They are about adding something to your life to relax, rather than removing the behaviors that contribute to your stress in the first place." Then she gave a list of things she has REMOVED in order to relax (stressful relationships, taking on too much, watching the media, alcohol, pot, meditation and excercise). This woman is my hero. Excercise is great but can be over-stimulating. The best way to discover the rewards of relxation are to: sit in a hot tub, sing, take hike, paint, read, remove clutter from the house.

Life is so big. And so scary. And there is so much to do. And when people like the woman who wrote this article; and me, take on the world, we are left wildly disappointed.

Then she expalained unexpected relaxation and how to achieve it:

- turn off computer at least two hours before bed
- say no when you would normally say yes; say yes when it will lead to a calmer you
- play with your animals on their terms, not yours
- think of what you can remove tomake life more relaxing
- hang out with relaxing people while not doing anything specific
- say goodbye to people who are more stressful than relaxing

I really believe that people who suffer from mental illness of any kind; when they learn how to live with it in a way that suits them; have a much higher insight to life.

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