Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Friday, December 18, 2009

Laura's 2010 New Years Resolutions Part I

It's that time of year again to start thinking about New Years Resolutions and Year Mottos. I did everything on last years list except buy a flatscreen TV. I bought the Alf shirt but it never came. So here it goes.

2010: Just Live

#1 Go to Nashville, TN. (Already booked the tix so I thought I'd start easy here.)
#2 Take a Zumba class.
#3 Lose 15 pounds and/or look like I did when I used to do pilates everyday.
#4 Get a different car.
#5 Go to San Fran.
#6 Cook at least one dinner a week.
#7 Stop trying to be accepted by groups of people who don't matter.
#8 Foucs on the small amount of people who care about me and really do like being around me.
#9 Take at least 2 classes from CCAE.
#10 Buy a really great camera and at least once a month do a creative photo shoot.
#11 Write 5 chapters of my book.
#12 Try to only go into Sprint 2 times about my piece of crap phone.
#13 If necessary, throw only one piece of electronic equipment against a wall in a fit of anger.
#14 Buy 2 different URLs for ideas I have just in case.
#15 Find a new apartment. One where I can have a plant. And my cat back.
#16 Really mean it when I say "I don't give a shit."
#17 Start planning my South American vacation.
#18 Ski or snowboard once.
#19 Surf.
#20 Go somewhere warm.
#21 Try fish eggs. (Oh yeah....Zippy that one is for you. Check.)

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