Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I wish it was 2010

As the year...and alas, the decade winds down, I was thinking about the things I wish for in 2010 and beyond. And I would like to share them with you. My loyal 6 readers.

1. I wish more people would read my blog.
2. I wish that I could stop eating all the cookies on my desk and that when I offer people cookies at work they stop saying, "oh I couldn't possibly."
3. I wish people on facebook would stop asking me to use their status updates as a chance to plug their own passions, beliefs and causes.
4. I wish I could stop boring myself with my own anxieties.
5. I wish Meghan Fox would stop pretending she is a good actress.
6. I wish I had a really hot spin instructor who winked at me everytime I went in and then one day asked me out on a date.
7. I wish people could stop saying they are spiritual.
8. I wish I had more use for scotch tape at work.
9. I wish I could open the shades in my apartment without fear that the weird man living next to me who smokes cigars won't have a peep show everyday.
10. I wish The Cranberries would come up with a new album.
11. I wish my eyebrows would miraculously look fabulous everyday rather than having to wax them every week.
12. I wish that on my way to my car everyday from work a man would stop saying, "hola senorita."
13. I wish televsion shows would stop taking 5 week breaks.
14. I wish there really was a National Sarcasm Society and I would be the office manager, because you know anyone higher up wouldn't do anything anyway.. ;)

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