Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I put the eye in environment

Recently everywhere I go, I am reminded about how my life so closely resembles the environment. My life is full of things that are beautiful, uncertain and sometimes downright torrential.

When it comes to friends, I find that I have some kept in a nice sealed storage container that sits on my shelf protected from nasty things like mice. Or maybe folded up real nice and clipped or rubber banded. These friends are the ones that are always on my side; regardless of the situation or "dynamics" of a particular situation. These friends listen to me and don't judge me. But also, they don't let other people hurt me. I don't have many friends that are currently sitting on my shelf all nice and tidy. But the ones who are-know who they are.

I also have friends who I want to recycle. Recycling to me is so annoying. I know I have to do it and wash then and separate them from other trash, but sometimes all I really want to do is throw them away. These friends have been there for me but don't really know me the way I think they should. These friends can come back and I can have them in my life...but the second time around, they are always just a little bit different. After all, you can recycle but you can't ever get the original back. But sometimes the second time around things can look really cool.

Then I have friends who I just want to dump in the trash and never see again. These are the useless friends who have time after time proved that they are not worthy of my time. They are hurtful and they smell bad. There is just no reason to sort these friends into recycling. They belong in a landfill somewhere....waiting for someone else to deal with.

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