Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Friday, February 26, 2010


I have had a mouse problem for a few weeks now.  I first saw the little guy in my bathroom run from the wall to the radiator.  I decided to ignore it and pretend it didn't happen.  I went away for the weekend and came back and realized that there was a hole in my bathroom wall.  I covered the hole with an O magazine. 

Then I saw it again a day later run from the radiator in my kitchen to behind the fridge.  Then I saw it run from my closet to under my Ikea locker to the kitchen. And pretty much every night I have heard it in my closet rummaging around. I have set traps, put the electronic noise traps, banged on my wall.....rang bells, talked really loudly but nothing seems to work. 

I finally called the landlord and told him I needed help and that someone had to go through my closet because I can't deal with it.  He said he would put down sticky traps but I said "No! I don't want to see those."  (At my old job there used to be sticky traps and when they landed on them I would make facilities put the traps in hot water and let them lose).  Last night was the last straw. The mouse ran behind my TV.  Nobody disturbs my TV time.  I called the landlord this morning and said, "Sticky traps are a go."

I think the reason I get so freaked out my mice is because they scurry around all the time.  If the mouse could just be chill, I think we could come to a mutual arrangement.  For example:

Me: (sitting in my living room watching TV)
Mouse:  (walk in on hind legs like Stuart Little or Fievel) Hey Laura.  What's up?
Me:  Not much.  Just watching some TV.
Mouse:  Hey I was's really cold outside. Would it be okay if I just slept here out of the cold?
Me:  I suppose.  Just keep it really quiet. I don't even want to know you are here.
Mouse: No problem, Laura
Me:  And make sure you leave before I wake up and for gods sake...CLEAN UP YOUR SHIT BEFORE YOU GO.
Mouse:  Always do.  Thanks buddy.

I think then I would feel a lot better about sharing my apartment with a mouse. Especially if the mouse wore a fedora.

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