Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bend and Tuck

I love Intimacy. No, not that kind of intimacy (although I wouldn't mind it if it would stick for once). I mean the bra store Intimacy.  I can be cheap but when it comes to bras, it doesn't seem to bother me one bit to drop $250 in less than ten minutes for two bras.  The reason is they fit amazingly. I never have to worry about putting a bra on in the morning anymore.  It feels comfortable all day. 

And they treat you really nice in there.  They say things like, "honey" (which I love).  They know my size just by looking at me.  E. But when the bra goes on, it looks like a C. I have no clue how it does that. But it works, I swear! 

They even put the bra on for you!  Come on!  I love it.  You take off your shirt without worrying about being judged. They put the bra on for you and all you have to do is bend at the waist and they clasp it for you AND fix the cups.  It's awesome.  You know, because putting a bra on yourself is so tedicious.  :)  But seriously, you are putting a bra on wrong!!!!!  I bet you.  You are.

Anyway, after dropping over $500 this year on bras (which come with a lifetime warranty so for me that's nothing), I got this in the mail.  And it cracks me up.  I think the more money I spend, the more curly cues I get in my name.  Wow!  I need to start signing my name like this.

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