Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I completely overslept this morning which meant that my completley irrational full day is now off kilter. My first appointment at 9 with my hot fucking dentist had to be moved to saturday morning at 10. how fun!  at least it will get me up on a saturday i suppose.  she is so hott though.  seriously. she is a cross between penelope cruz and eva mendes.  i hope she is a little mad at me on saturday...scold me a little.  she wears the tightest dresses and the hottest thing.  and completely cracks me up.

so now i have to get back on track to finish out the rest of this day.  and i was on my way to work and on the radio one of the djs was like, "when we come back the 411 on maroon 5" and I thought to myself, "i can't fucking stand when people use the phrase 411."

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