Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, April 26, 2010

Not even for amazing triceps, I won't do it

When given a free moment, I usually think. It's me. I enjoy thinking. So this weekend, I had a couple of free moments so I thought. I had a minor discussion with a friend regarding baggage in relationships and I found myself saying something that I honestly didn't think I would be saying and it flowed right out of my mouth so naturally that after I was left standing still silent for a moment with a grin on my face. I said, "i don't really have any baggage right now. I am happy." And you may or may not know that when people constantly talk about how happy they are to everyone, I'm skeptical. But I don't blurt that out all the time or throw it on my blog or throw it on facebook for the world to know how happy I am. But this time, it just came out really quickly that I don't know if anyone heard it but me.

So this got me thinking about baggage. It's very true that everyone has things in their lives that they have dealt with and learned from and been hurt from. And there is no limit to the amount of time it takes to deal with emotions or to get over emotions or maybe emotions will stay forever. I think that is okay. Baggage is more about not being able to live with what happened to you or not being able to be emotional about things that affect you.

So that being said, I thought this. To be with me, as a friend, girlfriend, whatever, don't bring your baggage. You are allowed two carry on items for free. And you can fill those carry on items with as much as you need to from your past or your present; your worries, your fears...fill them up..and as long as they fit under your seat, I am totally cool with them. I have them too.

But I am not Soutwest airlines and your extra baggage does not come on for free.

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