Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If you build it, she will come. So will Brad.

I was at the butcher this morning.  And by butcher, I mean the "surgeon" who did my face this year to get rid of my bad moles on my face. The one who totally butchered my face and left me with scars and told me today the only way to make the scars smaller would be to cut then open again and redo them. Um, no.  Let me think again.  No.

So I was in the waiting room and I glanced over at the magazines sitting on the table and the one on the top was Architecural Digest, which I am not sure who actually reads that besides maybe architects but I doubt and people who either want to pretend to live in nice homes or people who want to show off their nice homes to people who don't have them.  Anyway, on the cover this month, or idea how often it comes out was Jennifer Aniston!!!???  What?  Why is she on the cover of this magazine. She was sitting all proper on this blue suede couch.  Wasn't she just naked in Harpers Bazarre or something this month.  I was just confused by this.  I don't know why she was put on the cover.  I mean I know Brad is all about fixing up houses in New Orleans and shit but they were divorced like 5 years ago!  ;)

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