Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things I want

Things I want are different from my resolutions I think. I still need to work on my resolutions, which means I really need to take another class at Cambridge Adult Education and also try Zumba. This is fine, however, because I love taking classes and learning. I think I'm either going to take Thai cooking or maybe some sort of photography class. I also want to learn Spanish and Italian. For fun. I actually want to learn so many things sometimes I think my head is going to explode. That is why I avoid bookstores. When I walk into a bookstore, I get overwhelmed with all the the things there is to know and learn and I usually end up buying a book by a comedian. Brookline Brooksmiths is one of my favorite stores in Boston and last time I ended up buying a ring and a pair of socks because the bookshelves were making my head spin and I had Chelsea Handler's new book in my hands but I think I could read that in ten minutes so I am going to wait until someone lets me borrow it. Why is a bookstore one of my favorite stores in Boston if I try to avoid bookstores? Well that's me.

Anyway, things I want are just things that I want so here are a few things I want in the next let's say, six months.

1. I want to go up in a hot air balloon ride. I am a little scared of this but I think it could be so fun. And it kind of feels like it could be a little romantic as long as my heartrate stays under control and I don't have a panic attack. And whoever goes up with me is going to have to be okay with me reinacting Wizard of Oz for a minute.

2. I want a grapefruit spoon. Now that I have mastered the art of cutting a grapefruit (at least yesterday I did), I want to be able to eat said grapefruit easier.

3. I want to find a shampoo/conditioner that really works well for my hair. Everytime I get a haircut nobody notices until about 4 weeks later. That makes me wonder if I am using the wrong prodcut or if people are just that oblivious. I feel like I notice when people get haircuts and I usually try to say something. I think it's nice to say something when someone gets a haircut.

4. I got a month membership to the rock climbing gym for May. I want to actually use this.

5. I want to be able to do 100 push ups no problem again. Because lets face it, I have really great arms when I work them out. (When I work them out being the issue right now).

6. I want to go dancing. Which is awesome because I just got a text from a friend who asked if I wanted to go dancing on Friday. So, there. I got what I wanted quickly on this one. I mean seriously, I was just about to write I want to go dancing and then I got that text. I love that shit.

7. I want to go to a psychic.

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