Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ahhh...that's what cyrstal clear means

The more time I spend with good people, the more I realize how much time I wasted with the not so good people.  And I think it is important sometimes to remember the not so good people to help me keep balanced.  It works the same with anything in life; if you eat a bad meal you can welcome the good ones so much more.  If you watch a bad Meg Ryan movie (which let's face it since Addicted to Love has been all of them), then you can appreciate When Harry Met Sally all that much more.

Today on the way to work, I started to think for a few minutes about one of my bad relationships; and not in a depressing way. I just thought about the person I was in that relationship; one year ago today. a week, one year ago today.  And I realized this morning that I am the same hopeful person I was in that not so good relationship; but now I am open and ready to let only a good girl in. 

I am a romantic.  This might surprise you but I am.  I am a believer in love and that I will find love one day.  That someone will allow me to do all the things I think about all the time and not be afraid of it....and even better provide it back to me without me asking; or even realizing it is happening. 

I digress for a few lines there because almost a week ago today I was in Iceland. And I remember making a wish in a wishing well.  Of course I can't tell you what the wish was. Above is a picture of this wishing well.  The water in Iceland was pure...cyrstal clear.  Perfect.  I snorkeled in it.  I remember throwing my Icelanic Kronur in the water and closing my eyes and making this wish and then watching the Kronur land on the bottom.  I remember the feeling of romance I had in my heart at the exact moment and the warmth I felt.  And I remember my girlfriend at the time having no clue what I wished for; not a clue.  And that is what is different from me and other girls.  I WANT my girlfriend to know what I wished for. I want her to feel it to.

So, my wish that I wished for for this July 17 hasn't officially come true; but I still feel it. I still remember it.  I still long for it and hope for it.  And I know with patience, maybe some luck and maybe just somebody seeing me for can still happen.  And I don't rush it.  I am not in NEED of a relationship now but I WANT one.  And for now, I continue to work on my relationship with anyone I meet and with myself.

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