Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, July 26, 2010

The top ten things I learned on the 3 day this time...oh crap.

1.  When you take immodium on Saturday morning, it will be very hard to move by Sunday night.
2.  When you eat filet on Friday night and then take immodium on Saturday that makes it even harder to move on Sunday.
3.  Sunchips must have a lot of fiber.  Even the non assorted kinds.
4.  Mind over matter....especially the shitty kind.
5.  It's best to wear shorts with velcro on Sunday when you decide to will yourself not to shit until Sunday night.
6.  When you decide that willing yourself not to shit is a good idea, understand that you will look pregnant in most of your photos on Sunday.
7.  If you look pregnant in most of your photos on sunday, it's totally okay to load up on more salty snacks.
8.  Don't be jealous when your friends shit in the portie and you refuse to.
9.  When all else fails, dance.
10.  If you ever want to feel skinny; take immodium for two days, eat a lot of salt, get home and then wake up the next morning looking really tiny.

I bet you were expecting some deep emotions about the 3 day.  If you know me,  you know this cause and this event is near and dear to my heart.  Now you know what it does to my colon.

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becky said...

I can't stop laughing at this...I FEEL your pain!