Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Real L Word

So my friend and I decided to bite the bullet so to speak and watch the Real L word on Showtime.  I don't really need to say too much more about that except, "Really?" and if you know me at all you can probably hear my voice when I say that.  That phrase is kind of my trademark.  That and "Seriously?"

So I won't discuss it too much except to bring forth a few phrases that I hope I never, ever, ever, ever have to hear when dating or have a girlfriend.  (These are in addition to the 10 phrases I hope I don't have to hear in 2010 which I wrote earlier this year.)

1.  Lust is easy.  Love is scary.   (blow me.  really???  both are easy. and scary.  but just do it.  enough with the drama.)

2.  I think I have finally become adjusted to your breast reduction.

3.  Babylove (written on a card).  No.  yes, i LOVE being called baby...but not babylove. 

I would also prefer to never have my girlfriend get drunk and tell me to move out and then make burnt pancakes for me on a piece of shit camping frying pan the next morning.  I would also prefer to not have my girlfriend take off her shirt outside at a bar and sit on another girl's lap because I was too busy to hang with her that night.  I would also prefer not to have an anorexic girlfriend. 

And as disgusting as Jill and Nikki are....I too would have put a video on the flip for my girlfriend and hope she would apprecite it.  Because that is the kind of stuff I do.  Does anyone else do that!!???? If you do, come and get me.  Just don't call me babylove. 

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