Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, June 29, 2009

The whole 25 thing

I never did the "get to know 25 things about me thing" that was on fb so I decided I'll do it here on my blog. Considering only about 10 people read it, what harm can that do. ;)

1. I love goslings. They make me so happy I can't even stand it.
2. I love singing musicals. I listen to musicals all day and pretty know most words to all the songs.
3. I wish I could work on Broadway in some capacity.
4. I love to say the word "fucking". I try to include it at least once a day in my vocabulary.
5. I want to be a nurse.
6. I really have never been happy with my jobs. I am currently content. Or ok at most.
7. I would like to finally start writing my book. I have two titles. And I think about it everyday. I don't know what is stopping me.
8. I am super creative.
9. I can't believe I just used the word super.
10. I can't stand when people use the term super cute.
11. I have a lot of pet peeves.
12. I really just want to be loved.
13. I want kids. I want a dog.
14. Knows Mitzi will make fun of me for number 12.
15. Buffets are my favorite food.
16. I've been to Eygpt.
17. I remember so many details and pay attention to everything. I am always aware of my environment.
18. I believe it is very important to remember people's names.
19. I don't drink very much because I can't.
20. Hopes oneday I won't have to be judged by the fact that I don't drink very much and people see that I am really fun to be around anyway.
21. Worries about what people think of me.
22. I wish I didn't.
23. I cry a lot.
24. I laugh a lot.
25. I am fucking done with this blog post.

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