Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, June 15, 2009

The year is almost half over....let's see my progress.

These were my new years resolutions. Let's see where I am shall we?

1. Dance to at least three songs everyday in my living room with the music on full blast. Preferably at around 1am to annoy my upstairs neighbor who thinks it is fun to throw his trash in my yard and make spaghettios for dinner every night which I can smell.

(Ok. I have not been dancing everyday. I have however gotten even more annoyed with my upstairs neighbor and resorted yesterday to screaming, "clean up your fucking chicken bones!!! really loud while using a shovel to scoop up his trash.")

2. Eat more spaghettios so my upstairs neighbor can smell them.
(No. I have not done that. However, he is eating many more chicken bones.)

3. Complain about my car only once a day rather than three times.
(I think I am keeping that one ok.)

4. Take all of memory boxes out and organize them and throw out the memories I don't want to keep anymore.

5. Limit myself to one memory box a year.

6. Laugh at myself at least twice a day. Laugh at other people at least ten times a day.

7. Find a ALF t-shirt.
(Still looking!)

8. Bake more.
(Balls! I need to do that.)

9. Get a flat screen TV.
(Nope. After Iceland.)

10. Go to Iceland.
(Woo Hoo!!! In July.)

11. Grow my hair so I can put it in cute ponytails.
(Did that.)

12. Cut my hair while I am growing it because it is driving me crazy.
(Did that.)

13. Curse myself for cutting my hair before I could get it in cute ponytails.
(Yup. But now I like it.)

14. Dye it black.
(Nah. Not for summer.)

15. Ask someone out on a date.
(I suppose I did a very round about way.)

16. Not an imaginary person.
(Nope. She is real.)

17. Try sushi. *This is still up in the air. I am not sure I am ready for that step in my life.
(I did it once. )

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