Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, May 24, 2010

If I was to write a profile, this would be it. I'm not going to, I just thought this on my roadtrip and thought I was being very creative.

I would insert a hott picture of me...let's face it, there are a lot.  Then, I would call myself sarcasmishott.  Then my tagline would say this, "Sing along with me...if you don't know the tune, move along, please."

Maybe far away (but I would prefer that you lived in the same state)

or maybe real nearby (but not in my apartment because that won't happen anytime soon)
he may be pouring her coffee (I don't drink coffee)
she may be straightening his tie (don't wear a tie if you want to date me)

Maybe in a house (or a condo in the south end would be nice with exposed brick)
all hiden by a hill (which you will want to climb with me on a saturday)
she's sitting playing piano (hobbies...big bonus..dont be boring)
he's sitting paying a bill (yes, be financially stable. if i want to do something or plan something, i don't want to hear, "i can't afford it")

betcha they're young (be at least 30)
betcha they're smart (oh yes, you must be smart as me at least)
bet they collect things like (i love when people collect things but don't be a hoarder)
ashtrays (don't smoke) and art (how adult...yes do that)

betcha they're good (you must be a good person)
why shoudn't they be? (oh, you should be)
their one mistake (it's ok to make mistakes...just own them)
was giving up me!  (and it will be a big one)

so maybe now its time, (wear cool watches)
and maybe when I wake, (not a morning person unless you feed me pancakes)

they'll be there calling me baby, maybe...

Betcha he reads (please read so we can talk about books)
Betcha she sews (again, hobbies are good)
Maybe she's made me
a closet of clothes (or at least has a sense of style)

Maybe they're strict (not necessary)
As straight as a line (don't be STRAIGHT!)
don't really care (oh please care)
as long as they're mine!

So maybe now these prayers (don't be too religious but it's ok to believe)
the last one of its kind. (i think i'm the last of it's kind so if you are too that's a bonus)
won't you please come get your baby, maybe...

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