Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, May 3, 2010

Things I've noticed about myself today

1. I love when Bad Things comes on my ipod at work. It makes me just sit at my desk and smile for 2:43.

2. I thought I needed Pepto Bismol so I went to the dollar store and bought some. Turns out i just needed an extra large box of Junior Mints instead.

3. I love that I get to wear capri pants again because I look adorable in capri pants. However, I need all new shoes.

4. When I'm happy and myself, good people come out of the woodwork.

5. Transferring data from sheets to excel is boring. I prefer to use excel for other things. Like summarize things.

6. I drink more water now than I ever have because I am told not to. And my 'need water' impression is still making people laugh...3 days later.

7. People who write on fb how we should feel privileged because we live in a privileged society makes me irritated. What's wrong with being privileged? I feel privileged to be privileged.

8. I love when my legs burn from working out the day before. I can feel my calves getting hotter.

9. I have a calf muscle fetish.

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