Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, May 14, 2012

Yoga Challenge Day 6

Day 6:
I didn't go to a yoga class today. Instead, I drove two hours with Fred up to NH and hiked Mt. Cardigan.  I haven't done a solo hike in years and with the way I have been feeling, it was really special for myself to be able to do that.  It was difficult at times for sure.  My legs were killing me.  I honestly have no idea how I climbed last year in Peru.  Yoga and hiking use different muscles I think.  Or maybe they don't but it is a whole different kind of exercise.  I wasn't out of breathe as I usually am hiking, which was good.  I just took it really slow.  I took what I am trying to learn in yoga, which is patience and taking one moment at a time.  I stopped hoping that I reached the top of the mountain and I just took it slow, swatted A LOT of bugs, stepped in a lot of mud and made it to the top in a little over two hours. 

Fred was very patient with me.  He was the most amazing climber I've ever seen.  I kept telling him he was a show-off.  We ran into two girls on the ledge and one of them looked at Fred and said, "do you know how lucky you are to be able to do this."  I just smiled because I am lucky too.  To be able to drive and climb and get to see such beautiful things by actually working for it....and to wear my sweeet under armour long-sleeved shirt at the top which makes me feel bad ass. So lucky.

Anyway, I did my flip the dog at the top just so I can say I did yoga.  The picture is above.  But, I think in a way, taking my time and knowing I was lucky, was also a form of yoga. 

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