Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yoga challenge day 1

A few things have led me to my personal challenge of doing 30 sessions of yoga in 30 days. Mostly though I need to find my inner strength, which is also the name of my studio. Most days I will go there but I'll also do some at home.  It's hot and sweaty yoga, and I love that.  My friend called my a strong warrior woman.  Ironically, I've been called a warrior before. So, maybe I am. Maybe I can really do this. Maybe I can get stronger and get a fine ass and smaller boobs and plank the hell out of myself.

What I like about yoga is that you only focus on yourself and your breathing and making sure you are doing what is right for your body. Last night the teacher said to look forward and not around at other people, which we all have a tendacy to do. That's the truth. I am always comparing my life to other peoples lives. Love, success, happiness, adventures. I dont want to do that anymore.

However, at the same time, it is my turn to love and be loved back.  To myself and by others. And I do love right now. I truly do love someone with my whole heart but she is on a space break from me. I would do anything for her so allowing her to breathe and heal so she can come back to me is just something I am doing. It's so hard because I deserve this love and I miss it. But for now I need to look ahead and just focus on my breathing and the moves I am making and have faith that I will get her love and she will find the strength the same way I do.  So while this isn't exactly the break I was looking to catch, maybe it's exactly how it is supposed to be.

Day 1

I was a little tired going in to yoga tonight but I was also excited to start my challenge. At times I started to look around and compare my leg stretching with others but I tried to just focus back on myself. In time I'll get to a split. I did manage to flip my dog which was funny. I also did a wheel back bend for five breaths which was very satisfying. I remember when I was young I used to go from a stand to a back bend with such ease. I was also not a double d cup size then!!!! All in all I think I had a pretty good class. I did think about my girl but I will learn in the next 30 days to set those toughts free. Maybe if they are free, true love will prevail...I hope so.  Also, if I pray hard enough, a washer and dryer will magically appear at my door.

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