Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yo Bud-get

I'm taking a quick time-out from writing about yoga for one blog that has nothing to do with yoga.

This was my conversation in a meeting today.  No lie.

Douchebag:  "Um, Laura. I didn't ask what you can't do.  I asked what you can do.  For two years you've been telling me what you can't do."

Me:  "No, I've been telling you what I am technologically capable of."

Douchebag:  "Aren't you a designer.  Why can't you just design it."

Me:  "I can. However, I'm not a web designer so I don't know how to do that part." 

Douchebag:  "Who can?"

Me:  "Well I'm the only one in my department with no support so I'm not sure."

Douchebag:  "Well I have some money in my budget to get a web developer."

Me:  "Oh really, you have thousands of dollars?  That's what it will cost."

Douchebag:  "No, it won't cause you will do most of it."

Me:  "Why don't you take some money from your budget and put me in a class so I can actually learn how to do it."

Douchebag:  "No, we aren't going to do that."

Ahhh, I love a company that believes in personal and career development.  Don't you.

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