Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Only One?

So it is time for me to go to the movies 3-4 times a week.  I have to get them all in so I can write my Oscar predictions.  Maybe I'll even go all out this year and do my Golden Globe predictions.  That may be pushing it.  

Anyway, I often go to the movies alone.  Actually, now that I am single and my best movie friend has moved out of town, I pretty much only go alone.  When I say I love going to the movies, I mean I love going to the movies.  I would much prefer going to the movies than sitting at a dive bar having useless conversation with a bunch of idiots.  

Tonight, I went up to get my ticket and the guy screamed out, "only one???"  I was like, yeah, buddy.  This is freaking Coolidge Corner Artsy Fucky Theatre.  People go to movies alone all the time here so they can seem mysterious and knowledgeable.  I go for popcorn with butter, candy and a way to stop hearing people talk for a few seconds.

Two things happened to me in the theatre tonight.  1.  The entire theatre was empty.  This is a huge theatre.  Finally, people began to come in but seriously, there were like 3 rows empty in front and behind me.  This girl came in and literally sat down next to me talking on her cell phone.  She looked at me and sat down and then took out her Indian food to eat at the movies.

The sound of people eating popcorn makes me crazy enough.  I couldn't even begin to think what would happen if I stayed in that seat.  I got up and ran to CVS to go buy some candy. candy.  I came back and sat somewhere else.

2.  After the amazing movie, I was feeling good.  That was until a mouse ran across the aisle.  bllahhahahh. 

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Nicole said...

I LOVE the movies and will go any time! I saw Doubt this weekend- it was really good.