Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, the time came again that I was able to go to a boring wedding.  Why do people spend so much money to have really boring weddings that really don't look like they have any meaning at all for the bride and groom.  

If I get married.  Or, when I get married I should say.  Because I am going to find someone to marry me.  Guy, girl....doesn't matter.  Somebody is going to marry me one day so I can have my flatware and dinnerware sets.  

Seriously, wedding would include dancing, friends and good music.  There will not be 150 of my parents closest friends at this wedding.  

I will not have a checklist of things that need to happy at my wedding.  There will be a cake.  Obviously.  There will probably be two cakes.  There will be pretty flowers.  There will a Celine Dion song.  There will be pigs in a blanket.  And there will be a HUGE honeymoon.  The money will be spent on the four week long honeymoon.  

There will be pretty bridesmaids.  I don't need ugly people wacking up my scene.  

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