Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, June 7, 2010

Favorite Moments

I was looking through some photos from the past few months and I wanted to post some of my favorite moments.  In order:

The 1st image is a goose with her goslings.  I love when the goslings hatch. It's one of my favorite times a year. I actually skipped across the street when I saw them. 

The 2nd image is me at a work gala. I had on black heels but after a few hours of d ancing I had blisters. 

The 3rd image is me at the end of the continent in Washington.  What a beautiful place!!!!

The 4th image is the sign just makes me laugh because Cat thinks of me everytime she passes it.

The 5th image is the outcome of me taking a cooking class.  I learned how to make pork tenderloin. I've made it three times.  This meal makes me so happy.

The 6th image is my lobster roll. This is one I got in Portsmouth on Mother's Day when I went with my sister to see a play.  It's the start of summer to me. 

The 7th image is my new owl belt.  I declared this the year of the owl on New Years and this belt makes me confident. 

The 8th image is when I was sitting in a bar in NYC with Cat....tried a new beer and liked it.  Tried a new sandwich and liked it. Just so much fun.

The 9th image is my Red Sox outfit which just makes me laugh As Cat says, "Laura, you go to the games and eat everything but I bet you couldn't name four players."

The 10th image is my birthday breakfast.  There are two pancakes on this plate. 

The 11th image was in San Fran..actually Oakland.  Dream car.

The 12th image is me seeing Mt. Ranier.  Amazing. I've been to Seattle 8 times but only seen in a couple. 

The 13th image is my favorite sign ever.  I voted for her because of her name. 

The 14th image is right before skydiving....why do I look so silly. I was so proud of myself. One of my proudest moments.

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