Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade.  Actually,  I think I might have been born in the wrong century.  What ever happened to the time when people were romantic?  When people tried to look beautiful? When people had to talk to each other if they had something to say.  Or even more romantic, had to pick up a quill and actually write down their thoughts?  When people boarded trains with beautiful luggage and gave each other long kisses before venturing off on a two week trip to their destination?  There is nothing more romantic than a train. 

Don't tell my little sister I said that because she will remind you of the time in Hungary when we had to board the train to get to Prague.  And I had a minor meltdown because of the heat and the 3am wakeup calls to check our passports while the window was wide open because of the extreme heat.  And how through some sort of adrenaline rush, I managed to literally throw my suitcases over my head into the bin like I was tossing a car.  And how the whole time I kept telling her boarding this train reminded me of the Nazi Germany trains because everyone had their hands out the window and were tossed in like cattle in second class!  So, don't tell her I said this.  Also don't tell my older sister this because she will remind you of the time in Spain when I had to jump off the train because it was leaving before I had taken all my bags off!!  "Laura, JUMP!"  Ironically, I would have probably ended up in Prague then too...just years earlier.

Let me rephrase. Trains USED to be romantic. 

And so were people.  Now, we have to wait for an email or a text or some sort of electronic communication to know that someone is interested in talking to you.  At least back in the day, you knew that a letter could take up to a month or two to get to you!  And during that time, you just thought about the person and when the letter finally came, and you opened up the parchment paper and saw that beautiful cursive writing, you just melted.  And then you ran to your secretary desk and immediately wrote back all the things that you had been thinking about for the past month!  How romantic!  Today, we just have to wait for an email.  And the problem is, everyone is on email so when you don't get an email, you have to question why!

I'll be the first to admit that I use email and I text all the time.  But lately, I have just had the desire to talk to people...on the phone or in person!  I would love to run to my mailbox and see a package from someone special or a letter.  Or...let's bring this back to modern about just a card?  And not an ecard!

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