Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Red Velvet Cake

So I just came off a high watching the Celtics....they get my blood pumping during these freaking games.  Kind of like today when I took a 115 degree steam shower for 25 minutes then immediately took a cold shower after.  There is no better feeling than feeling that cold water on you after you just cleansed your body like that!

Anyway, before bed I did my checking of my which has become my before bed routine (again...need some sort of routine because that is what I have to do to join the ranks of the normal working people) and I clicked on to "my matches".  Those make me laugh so hard.  "Like you, she likes dogs."  "Like you, she likes to socially have a beer."  Hilarious.  PS.  if you have a profile pic of you drinking a beer, chances are I go right past you.  Anyway, one of "my matches" said and I quote..

"I like color food people."  Please tell me she meant colorful and put color food. Wow.  This stuff is cracking me up.


Whitey said...

Maybe she meant to say she likes colored people? You know, some old timey speak.

Goldberg's Trashcan said...

at least I know who whitey is now!!!!!