Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Friday, June 4, 2010


Today has been a funny day with me and the boss.  I talk to her a lot about dating and being single.  She has been there for me the past year during all my girl fiascos...being happy, then getting sad, then getting happy again, then getting annoyed, then getting confused.  Then being single and smiling a lot.  She is one of my biggest fans of me finding someone who will just treat me right and be fun and cool.  She told me once I'd make a great wife (I bake).  I said, "how about we start with one date."

So now she is here with me as I venture on  It's funny, funny stuff having her by my side as I troll the site.  It's hard for me because I don't know how to date.  I always end up being with friends or friends of friends, or alcoholics, or people who just broke up with their girlfriends.  So, the whole meeting someone new thing that doesn't know, have dated or slept with my friends is hard. Very hard. 

And being gay makes it even harder.  And being the kind of gay girl that a lot of lesbians don't understand makes it even harder.  Girls never hit on me.  Ever.  Is it because they don't know I am gay?  Is it because I am too sarcastic? I don't know.  But I never get hit on. I don't think lesbians like me.  Men like me.  Men flirt with me all the time.  Men check me out.  So, why won't women?

I am a flirt.  One of the biggest flirts you will ever meet.  I am also a Scorpio so I am passionate and sexy.  But then I start talking and building connections to fucking women and then they turn weird.  So should I just be sexy and pretty and have men stare at me and sometimes talk to them because they think I am funny or should I flirt with women and acutally be myself and then have them turn away.  Ahhh, the dilmena.

Anway, I got the month membership and my boss said if I don't find a date, then she will pay for next month.  I think it is because she wants to use my membership to find herself a date...which leads me to this.

As I was looking for men for her, I realized that straight people might actually have it harder than us gays.  There is so much to choose from and so much cheese on match with men you wouldn't even believe it.  It's like going into the biggest bookstore in the world and there are too many books to choose from.  It's easier to just go to Brookline Booksmith and be gay and have less selection.  But it is?  Because Boston is small so half the people on match are either: not my type at all, would never understand my sarcasm, are probably dating someone already, have slept with my friends or are just way to gay for me. 

So back to the men.  There are a lot of lonely people out there.  And most of them, have no idea how to post a normal photo.  I just laughed for a good hour going through the men with boss picking out the ones that would work and wouldn't work and it was so fun. I could do that for hours.  Why?  Because as much as I think everyone in the world has healthy stable relationships, the reality is that just as many don't. 

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