Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Friday, June 4, 2010

What I thought about on the way to work today.

In order to not feel like anything in my life is routine, I try to take a different way to work everyday throughout the five days and then switch it up each week.  It also depends on traffic.  Because I know that in order to make it in the workplace until I open my own business I will have to succumb to some sort of routine.  So this week, I had strawberry Greek yougurt everyday.  So that is something.

Anyway, today in traffic I thought of this:

1.  Taylor in the morning on Cosmo radio makes me so happy. She is my ideal straight friend.  And just like most friends, I needed to take a three week hiatus from her this past month and listen to the CDs in my car and also top 40 radio for awhile so I can know what the summer song was going to be.  At first I thought it was going to be Rhianna's Rude Boy and I was crossing my fingers for this but it isn't looking good.  Today, I brought Taylor back into my life and just in time for my favorite expression so far today, "A skank is a skank is a skank."

2.  Why do celebrities always have twins?  This reminded me that Celine Dion is expecting twins, which reminded me of when my old boss at my old job told me she was "expecting" and I thought to myself at that point, "obviously lady, your hair is turning gray and could you just say you are pregnant....because saying you are expecting is just annoying."

3.  I would do anything to see Celine Dion in concert.  So hopefully, this news of her expected arrivals does not interfere with her show in Vegas, which hopefully I can go to.

4.  Did I make the right decision to buy $110 shoes last weekend.  They are black sandals from an Israeli company.  And I have to just get over the fact that I can't wear chucks to work everyday and I have to find comfortable shoes I can wear with pants, capris and skirts.  So, they might not be the most fashionable but they are comfortable so I guess I made the right decision.

5.  I need a major hair change.  Since, my major life change of moving to Seattle is not happening now, I now need a major hair change.  I put my hair up like this today to see if I should go short again.  And I also want to put some red in it. 

6.  I am trying hot yoga for the first time tonight.  I am excited about it because I can imagine it will be quite a blog the next day as I haven't done anything like yoga or pilates for years. Years ago, I was so in shape you wouldn't even recognize me. I could hundreds of push ups and about 5 pull ups on the bar.  I was so flexible. I'm coming back, baby. I'm coming back.

7.  Last night while watching the Celtics at the bar, I realized I need to get back to wanting to learn sign language.  It would have been really helpful during one part of the converstation.  And I totally would have pretended to sign but last night, my friends were too busy watching Celtics to laugh at my jokes so it would have been wasted.  But even still, I love watching Celtics with them. 

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