Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I know they eat fresh but do they have to be so slow?

Everytime I go to Subway I wonder if it could be anymore possible for a human being to give less of a shit about his/her job.  Each time, I realize that is is most definitely possible.  Without fail, I will walk in and the guy (in this case it is always a guy) asks me what I want while he is working on another person's order.  

I say the same thing each time depending on my mood.  It is either, "a foot long turkey on wheat, no cheese, not toasted with lettuce, lots of pickles, cucumbers and honey mustard.  No chips or drink."  Or, I say, "a foot long spicy italian on whole wheat, toasted with provolone, lettuce, lots of pickles and a little bit of olive oil.  Yes, that's it. Yes.  Only that."  

I will say the whole thing and they will continue on with the other person's order.  Ten minutes later when they are done with this order, they will come back to me and say, "what would you like?"

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