Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things I learned on my two and a half hour walk

1.  A dead bluejay with its eyes open and wings spread apart makes me sad.  It also makes me contemplate the circle of life.

2.  A dead mouse doesn't really make me feel anything.  Even a flat dead mouse.

3.  People don't know which side of the road to walk on.  Isn't it a natural instinct...something you come out of the womb knowing? Right side.  You walk on the right side.

4.  Don't think about ex coworkers when you are walking.  This nice guy smiled at me and I almost gave him the finger because I was thinking about her.

5.  People were smiling at me which means I must not have had bitch face on the whole time.

6.  People who say "on your left" annoy me.  I get it.  Seriously, just go around me.  I have my headphones in anyway and can't hear you and plus I see your shadow.  Just, go around me. 

7.  There are so many beautiful walking trails that go from my house to Boston.  I could get a dog.  Who knew!!

8.  New England is so beautiful.

9.  I actually stopped to look at a community garden and suddenly they don't seem so pretentious.  

10.  I am going to be ok.

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sarahltuttle said...

Um, actually you're supposed to walk on the LEFT side of the road, against traffic so you can see the cars coming. Yes, I'm serious.