Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is he gay or just German?

It's hard to figure out. This is now the second time I have taken a plane from Philly to Salisbury, MD and both times, the amount of gay flight attendants and pilots has exceeded all expecations.

The guy yesterday was on the fence for me, though. When I first got on the plane, I was like, oh yeah big time gay. He was blonde, with spiky hair and a ridiculous fake tan. He hot this huge shit eating grin on his face. Usually when I get on a plane, the flight attendants never smile at me. This guy was all about it.

Anyway, when he started doing his announements, I realized that he German...or Austrian. Hard to tell really. I could not understand a single word he was saying. Not that I need to since it is always the same speech. I think if I was a flight attendant, I would totally mix it up...give people a reason to take their eyes off the skymall catalog for a second and pay attention. I try to pay attention but it is just way too boring.

It got me thinking, maybe he isn't gay. Maybe he is just German and that made me laugh. But then he just got way too much enjoyment about walking up and down the aisle that I went back to my original thought that he is gay.

On a sidenote: I swear I am going to start having to pay to wear pants on the plane. You have to pay to bring on luggage and pay for your own drinks now. I can just imagine when you check in, there will be a button that asks if you will be wearing pants on the plane and if so, please insert your credit card for a $15.00 charge. People would do it. Maybe not the gay/German flight attendant but I would.

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