Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Monday, September 8, 2008

All that jazz

If anyone is ever feeling down because their life isn't exactly what they had in store, then you can tell me.  Better yet, come with me on one of my drives to pretty places.  Today I was driving to York, Maine to see the Nubble Lighthouse, which is one of my favorite places.  I was driving my mom's Lexus and the only CDs she had in her car were Elton John, Best of Broadway and the Chicago Soundtrack.  I listened to All That Jazz about twenty times because of that one line...."no, i'm no one's wife, but I love my life.  and all that jazz."  Then I looked outside and realized that is was beautiful out, the weather was perfect, the waves were crashing all around and I was actually feeling happy. Finally, I was truly just feeling happy.  

So, I don't have everything that I want and I am sure I will wake up tomorrow wanting more and more, but today I feel fine.  So, moral of the story...if you are down, listen to songs about people who are worse off than you, sing really loudly and don't listen to Elton John.

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