Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Friday, September 26, 2008

When push comes to shove

Now it's always a fun experience going to a Red Sox game.  I mean two games ago, my right boob caught Manny's foul ball.  And there is always plenty of food to eat.  Last night, I had a foot long.  And usually I eat at least two Fenway franks and a pretzel.  But the one thing I wish they had a game, even when it is 50 degrees out, is dippin dots!!

Oh wait....they have something even better than that.  Last night, we had the honor of sitting in front of Mr. & Mrs. Drunky and Ditzy Drunkerstein.  If you can take a look a moment to look at the photo for evidence.  To the left, Mrs. Ditzy.  Mrs. Ditzy here used to work at Dippin Dots in the mall.  That's where she met Mr. Drunky Drunkerstein, who is a Verizon salesman at the kiosk at the mall.  

Now, Mr. D is shy....when "push comes to shove", he is really shy.  It took him five years to ask Mrs. Ditzy out.  Mr. and Mrs. D both really love to drink beer.  Mrs. D. likes wear jeans with lots of holes in it.  And according to Mrs. Pink, on my right, Mrs. D. is gorgeous with amazing eyebrows.  

About an hour into the drunken madness, Mrs. Pink asked Mr. and Mrs. D. when they met.  It was then that I turned around in what I thought was my inside voice, but was really in my very loud outside voice, "Two Hours Ago!". 

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