Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I think Ticketmaster needs a disclaimer when it is freaking children's night at the theatre.  I went to see the Chorus Line tonight and I guess it was "teach kids about the arts" night or some crap like that, so there were like 600 hoodlums there.  They were clapping, they were cheering, they were screaming everytime a character said he was gay (it's the Chorus Line!).  They were driving me crazy.  I have an idea...why can't parents teach their kids about the arts like mine did growing up so we don't have to have all of the Boston area teens together at the Boston Opera House.  

Also, can someone tell the person sitting next to me that no cell phones mean no cell phones.  That does not mean keep your Blackberry in your purse with a flashing green light for texts and then decide to text back inside your purse.  I can still see the lights.  

Why can't people just sit still for two hours. Why is that so impossible.  Maybe if tickets cost $2 but they don't!

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Anonymous said...

We don't teach our kids about the arts in the South.